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Halloween Mystery Logo (ROUND 3)

Halloween Mystery Logo (ROUND 3)

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Unlock your highest Halloween vibe potential with our Halloween Mystery Logo. Get ready to reveal something spooky and mysterious to ensure you have a fun-filled spooky season!

Mystery Logos are a great way to add a dash of Halloween flair to your store! They'll be delivered to your inbox within 3-4 business days, and they're non-refundable and do not come with any further edits.

ROUND 3 TAT: September 8th-9th.

Include at checkout: 

  • Business Name 
  • Any additional notes: sweet or spooky, bold, simplistic, etc. 

* If you forget to add notes, please email them to me asap after check out -


*Being completely transparent, there has been an increase in price since we offered Halloween mystery logos in round 1 and 2.  On average designer (Jay) is spending an hour and a half PER design; designing her heart out in these. There truly is not enough time in the day to get them out within the perviously  listed tat (2-3 biz days) so that has also changed to 3-4 business days for all future rounds of mysteries.

At $10 each, Jay was making much less than minimum wage so she has decided to raise them to $20, as it is still $5 less than we used to offer them for, last year, and it will allow her more time per design, in her schedule.

I hope you can understand the changes in pricing, tat, and continue to support her family behind our shop!

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